About Stillness Room


 Our Vision and Purpose

Stillness Room was created to assist people in bringing more tranquility into their lives.  By sharing our line of eco-friendly meditation furniture, our intention is to inspire you to create a sanctuary in your home where you can escape the noise and nourish your spirit.

The road to true transformation takes courage and commitment – we just want to make it a little more comfortable.  Read More

What Is Meditation Furniture?

182x121-images-stories-products-furnished-room-room-setting-dhThe traditional style of meditation is sitting cross legged on the floor with our backs straight. For many Westerners and especially those new to meditation, this is simply too uncomfortable for a variety of reasons including tight hips, ankles, knee or back injuries. Read More

How To Create A Stillness Room

174x116-images-stories-products-furnished-room-furnished-roomIn a modern society that moves at an alarmingly fast pace, it is more important than ever to create a sanctuary in our homes to escape the chaos of the outside world. Having a sacred space where we can retreat to find a moment of silence and stillness can change our outlook on life, increase our spirit, decrease our stress and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Read More